Thursday, March 31, 2011

Blog Your Way to a Killer Job

The most important element of a personal branding campaign is to launch and maintain a blog. Branding yourself serves the purpose of defining what your edge is—what makes you valuable as an employee or as a business partner. Your personal brand should bleed through all of your social media outlets. The real show, however, goes down on your blog.

On your blog you get to call all the shots. Define the topic and thereby define yourself. Your blog will showcase what you’re passionate about. It’ll show you know your stuff. It will show that you can’t help but spend your time on what you love—AND that anyone would by lucky to work with you.

What Do You Have to Say?

Picture the job you want. What are you doing? Are you changing the world? How? A good blog attracts people when it proposes to make the world better in ways other people can get hyped up about. Your blog could catapult you into once in a lifetime type job where you have the opportunity to make a difference.

You can start by commenting on current events in your field. If you want to get into city planning or development then comment on new and interesting programs and policies. Know what’s new in theory and what is actually taking place in the real world. Post links to news stories, interactive media and stunning photos. Stay focused and over time you’ll become a trusted voice in your niche.

How Often Do You Have to Post?

Every day! Just kidding, you do not have to post every day although it couldn’t hurt. The key is to post regularly. Try to commit to posting at least 2-3 times a week. For the most part you can get by with short posts. Post too many long posts and you can say goodbye to busy readers. Introduce a longer post (250-500 words) every week or two.

What you want to establish is a presence that is active and relevant. If you aren’t blogging every day, you should at least be tweeting. This shows you are alive, well and available for your readers and contacts. A daily presence keeps you at the top of the mind. Show that you are on top of your field by being the first place people can go for news and informed opinions.

Make Yourself Available

It won’t be long until you get into the swing of blogging. You’ll love it. You’ll be digging around in your field and connecting with people who love the same things. So don’t forget your objective: landing your dream job or striking up a brilliant partnership. Make sure there is a section on your blog where you state the kind of work you’re interested in. List contact details like your email address. Express that you are open to job offers in your respective field.

Once you score the interview, shake hands your future boss, and see your nameplate tacked up on the door, don’t forget about your blog and readers. Keep blogging—you never know what tomorrow holds.

- Sara

Sara Triana Mitchell is a blogger and freelance writer. She holds a B.A. in Philosophy and is pursuing a M.Ed. in Children's Literature.

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