Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Reinvention Just Might Be the Best Revenge

Lately, the term reinvention has been gaining a lot of organic buzz: career reinvention, reinvention conventions, reinvention seminars. Merriam-Webster defines reinvention as the act of “remaking or redoing completely; bringing into use again”, and that definition has a lot of meaning for people caught in less-than-desirable situations including as toxic workplaces, medical issues, budget cuts, and age-related discrimination.

As people in the U.S. are living longer, there is more time for people to try on a few careers - to remake themselves. At the same time, however, companies have been forced to implement widespread layoffs during one of the worst economic slumps in history.

As unemployment numbers have risen, many people have turned to their second- and even third-acts as a way to make ends meet. As the availability of high-speed Internet reaches even the most remote areas, people are finding new ways to do good work wherever they are. Many who long suspected layoffs have been able to dabble in freelancing or moonlighting only to discover a much larger market available to them when the pink slip arrived - thus creating a consultancy practice with a built-in set of clients. Some have turned their own ideas, recipes, and special skills into niche markets and created a business for themselves. In many cases, these reinventions just might be the best revenge as workers are finding ways to make it work and make their lives better and more fulfilling at the same time.

In coming weeks, we’re going to outline a strategy for a real-life reinvention, describe the steps you can do to identify what you want, outline a plan to figure out how to get it, and what to do when you’ve got it in your sights. Stay tuned!

- Virginia

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